About Practical Motorhome

Practical Motorhome is the UK's most exciting motorhome magazine, selling 16,013 copies per month. The magazine is a great filter for readers seeking buying, travel or technical advice.

The front section is packed with reader letters, and a Q&A session on all things motorcaravanning with our resident sage, Gentleman Jack Bancroft.

The travel section reflects the number, scope and type of touring features our readers enjoy. There's the 'Grand Tour', which is often an epic adventure at home or abroad, and is a source of inspiration and ideas for anyone planning tours of more than a week in length. There are 'Short Tours', which span two to four days, and are packed with information for weekend getaways. And finally there 'Your Tours', which are tales of our readers' own travels.

Our 'Good sites guides' are a dedicated, cut-out-and-keep campsite guide to UK regions, and the magazine contains details of our ever-growing Nightstop network of low-cost stopovers exclusively for motorhomes.

The 'What Motorhome?' section of new-motorhome reviews focuses on the most popular models, and includes our in-depth live-in test. There's also a dedicated section for secondhand-’van advice.

In our technical section, you'll find step-by-step projects, tips and advice from our resident motorhome expert, a Q&A, and trade secrets on unique services carried out by specialists within our industry. We also run a number of project motorhomes, on which we undertake maintenance and DIY projects.

There is also a huge buyers' guide, listing more than 1100 new motorhomes on sale in the UK today.

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